Thursday, September 6, 2007

Welcome Back!

I'm back!!(Thank you to the people asking about where I have been!) Well, I've been right here, but I got caught up in all the "back to school" stuff. Not only setting up and preparing a classroom for a new grade, but all the shopping for two teenage "high school" girls (and myself). We also had a family wedding (my nephew) and out of town relatives. But... I am starting to get into the swing of going back to work and organizing my time again. Plus I had some fun craft projects that I couldn't post before hand (because I knew some of the receivers would be checking out my blog and didn't want to ruin the surprise!) So now that they have all received their "welcome back" gifts, I can share the story and the pics! It all began last spring at a staff luncheon when someone saw the empty drink holder on the table and tossed it at me and said "I bet you can make something out of this! The joke was sort of "from trash to treasure"! I said "Don't be surprised to find this on your desk the first day back to school." All of a sudden, two more people ran for the trash and threw two more drink holders at me! Well, I saved them all summer and this is what I did to "fix" them up! I cut the letters from my Cricut (Mickey Font)and covered the boxes with pattern paper. One holder has an M&M theme (found at Michaels), another has a school theme (pencil die cut is from my sizzix), and the last one just had kind of a "any occassion" theme. I think they were a big hit (and a big laugh) the first day. One person even said she was going to go home and find other things for me to "re-decorate"! Keep checking back - even though I didn't post for a while, I was busy creating! Thanks for looking!


Becky K said...

I absolutely LOVE your welcome back drink holders/gift holders!! SO cute!! My friend and old college roommate does things like you and I am always surprised to see what she can come up with too. I am glad you are back - can't wait to see what is next!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you really saved them! What a riot! I love my m&m box! It is sooooo cute! Sherry

Anonymous said...

I KNEW you could do it!!! I'm loving my little box, it was a GREAT way to start the year. My desk looks so stylin'! Andrea