Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santa Hat

I saw a card idea last year using this santa hat and thought "I need to make that!". So I ran right out and got the Cricut cartridge this was made with (Joys of the Season). But then the cartridge just sat all year (until now.) That's really not like me - I usually have to try it out the day it arrives! So not only has it been sitting unused for a year, now I can't remember exactly what the project looked like. Oh well, I happened to be at Michael's last week and I came across this beautiful "boa" trim. I thought "won't this be perfect for the santa hat?". (Boa trim??? What was I thinking?) Oh yeah, I was thinking won't this be darling.... and it was until.... I started cutting the trim! Oh my! There were little white boa feathers floating everywhere! It was like a little white boa storm. What a mess! I still dredge up little fluffs ever now and then walking in my studio room! I made a package of these cards, and they are the cutest thing ever (just don't take them out of the package!)

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