Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Canon Selphy

Look at this tiny photo printer! This will be perfect for taking on my scrapbook weekends. I saw a video tutorial on Scraptime about this little photo printer. She did such a good job explaining all the qualities of the printer, that I bought one! I found it on Amazon.com (59.99 for the printer and 29.95 for the 4x6 paper and color ink to print 108 photos). Merry Christmas to me! I wouldn't say it is a good printer for printing large quantities of photos, but I bought it for other reasons. I like the variety of printing options this printer offers. I like the fact that I can print photos smaller than 4x6. (I am always chopping my photos down for scrapbooking, plus I wanted to do more with mini scrapbooks and smaller photos would work well for these). I also liked the fact that the Canon Selphy offers the choice of printing in color, black and white or sepia. And I also like the fact that I can bring it with me to my scrapbook weekends. You can see in the picture how compact it is. It will print with or without my computer. It does come with software for your computer and that offers more options for printing. You can add graphics, words, frames or calendars with the software. In a matter of minutes I made this calendar for J. yesterday. Nothing fancy because he will be taking it to work and it will be hanging in the factory. But it was very quick and easy. I used my bind-it-all to bind it together. I think there will be tons of options with this printer. I love it already. I will be working on some more projects.

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