Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine Owl

Here is a picture of my first "sweater owl" I made.  I had been on the Pinterest site and saw some cute things you could make from old sweaters.  Most of the things were made from "felted" wool, but it was hard to find actual 100% wool sweaters at Goodwill.  They must all get "bought up" for projects.  So I bought some regular sweaters (go with ex-large, you get more sweater to work with).  I found this pattern on the internet.  I think is turned out only semi-cute!  But being my first one... oh well.  I put it in my "store" area to sell $5.00 and it sold in just a few days (with the cards).  I have made a few more.  I will post those pictures next.  I think the felted wool would be much cuter, I will be on the look out for pure wool.

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