Saturday, May 19, 2007


What's a swarm? It is a time to get together with other fellow Cricuteers! What are Cricuteers? Obsessive stampers and scrapbookers who love using the Cricut cutting system. It seems to be the hottest tool out there! So a few of us got together last night for a night of "crafting"! Here is a picture of Teres (hosting the "Swarm"). In the background is Stephanie, showing Trish how the Cricut works. Teres made these darling "treat boxes" for all of us! Not only is the box a treat in itself, but it was filled with goodies! Thanks, Teres! Teres has most of the lower level of her house for "crafting"! (The picture of the crafters showed everyone in her "second kitchen"). A perfect set up! Here are some of her organizational ideas for materials and supplies. This picture shows how Teres organized her scrap papers. These cute file folders sit in an antique dish drying rack. ******************************************************** Here are some of the neat ways Teres organized her ribbon, her paper, and her punches. I didn't even take a picture of all her stamps!! Thanks, Teres, we had a great time "playing" at your house. Everyone is excited for the next swarm!

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Anonymous said...

Enough already! I'm super jealous and want to be part of this! hee hee....Spartymom