Friday, May 1, 2009

Wedding Card Box

I have never made one of these before, so I was a bit nervous. When I was first asked to make one, I did a little research online, but I wasn't really able to find any good samples. I started looking for a box to start with (plus I needed one for my daughter's graduation). There were not alot of choices, plus the only ones I could find came in bulk (10). This style was the one I liked best. I found these boxes online (from ULINE). This is a picture of the invitation, to give me somewhere to start. The invitation is done in gold and ivory (trimmed in black). I found scrapbook paper (three different designs) at Hobby Lobby to cover the box. The black accents on the sides were made with the Cricut cartridge Accent Elements. I added little gold gems on the accents. I made the decorative "K" on my computer and printed it on the designer paper. I hope she likes it!


~D~ said...

you are amazing, thats all i have to say.. (looks at my plain box, shakes head, lol)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! that most deff. beats my spray painted box! I'm jealous :) thanks for all of your help!

-Caty and Haley