Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good-bye First Grade

Well, I guess it is now official - I received a letter from administration with my new assignment for the fall. I will be teaching third grade next year. I am actually excited (now that the shock has worn off!). I am a little nervous, but looking forward to the challenge (and being able to work with older students). Here are the good-bye gifts I made for the first grade teachers I worked with the last two years. These containers are old (or recycled tennis ball containers from a teacher at the high school). I decorated the outside and filled the containers with school items such as pencils, paper clips, post it notes and erasers. I also made some "friend" ones for some other teachers.


Anonymous said...

These are SO cute Pam! I'm so bummed that you're not headed my way next year. I heard the last day was a real tear-jerker. Now that you'll be on "my side" we can do lunch next year!

Alison said...

I've taught 3rd grade for nearly 10 years and I loved it!! They still love to learn, but can be more independent learners too. Enjoy! You will see them mature so much from Sept to January!