Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cricut Cupcake

I thought I had posted this cupcake, but couldn't find it recently on my blog, so I might have had intentions of posting this and didn't! (Story of my life!). I made this cupcake with the Cricut cartridge Doodlcharms. I cut the cupcake twice with two different pattern papers (just some I had laying around!). I then cut them apart; one for the base, one for the top. I added the candle. (The flame was a stamp I had - not Stampin' Up, source unkown). I added glitter to the flame. The "happy birthday" sentiment is Stampin' Up.

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~D~ said...

omg i love this.. i miss you pam, /sigh my lady just bites, and makes some mediocre stuff.... just wanted to send some love