Sunday, April 1, 2007

My Room

My husband built this room for me a few years ago. (This was my Christmas present from him). It started out as an old storage room in our basement. It had collected furniture, toys, tools and overall junk over the years. The walls weren't even all dry-walled yet. There was no ceiling and just cement floor. I had said on several occassions "This would make a great room someday!" When we got around to actually doing it, it took about 6 months of renovation, but well worth it! Just last week for my birthday, all I wanted was a little more shelving (you know how those supplies keep multiplying!) Soooo.... a few trips to Target and JoAnn Fabrics and here are the results! I love my studio! (My dad calls it my "sanctuary").


Dianne said...

Very nice room. If you have a problem with the ribbons coming off the roll, you can stick a pin in each to hold them together.

Danita said...

Gorgeous room! So very organized and bright & cheery! Also love that you have a sofa to lounge on. Great place to peruse the magazines and idea books. :)

Bethany Paull said...

So, not only did you invite your friends to play in this gorgeous room, but you gave the party favors, TOO?!? This is wonderful.