Monday, July 7, 2008

Craft Show Set Up

I sometimes get questions about how I set up my booth (or tent, when it is an outdoor event). I realized I didn't have any pictures of my display on my blog (or if I did, I couldn't find them)! So here are some pics of one of my shows. These show how I display my cards for shoppers. The baskets are cards organized by themes (baby, thank you, thinking of you, sympathy, get well, birthday and blank note cards). Also at a show, I have post-it notes, small note pads and calendars. At this show, I had large note books and note cubes as well. Sometimes it just depends what I have been making.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've missed your updates!! So glad you are back. In one of the pictures of your craft show, you have a card made out of a slice of watermelon. I was wondering if you could explain how it was made. It is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pam!
Everything looks fabulous!