Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Halloween Treats

Halloween stuff is everywhere already and I love Halloween! I got my Cricut out and I have been playing around with some of the boxes and bags from the Boxes, Bags, Tags and More cartridge. You know how some of these blogs make every thing look so cute and easy, well that is not the case for me. I can't tell you how long it took me to make these bags. (No one every shows all the mistakes it took to get the finished project - or am I the only one that goofs up???) For the "bat" treat bag I first cut the bag upside down, then I made five different versions of the candy cover!! The candy inthis bag is York peppermint pattys. I still am not real happy with the color of the candy and how the bag turned out. The orange treat box I changed six or seven different times. I changed the candy, the handle, the outside decoration..... uuugggghhhh! (Just thought I would share some of my process!) The candy I ended up using in this box is Lindt Lindor Truffles. I have some favorite blogs I visit often and they have new stuff all the time. How do they do that??


Susan said...

I agree... they make it look so darn easy!

Very cute treat bags/boxes!

~D~ said...

very cute! I will just let you cut me some, lol... It was good talking to you tonite, see you soon!! and thanks for letting us know that maybe we aren't alone in the challenged area at times, lol..

LoveChicken said...

love the bat bag im jealous of your round stamp set lol i'm going to have to order that one.