Sunday, September 21, 2008

Post-it Notes

I love the weekend! Especially when I don't have a craft show lined up and no other engagements, I can spend the whole day creating in my craft room (while watching movies of course!) Yesterday was so relaxing - I didn't do any chores, no grocery shopping, just creating. (Unfortunately, now today I will have to do those things!) Here are some magnetic post-it notes I made. I can't remember where these post-it notes came from, I am always on the look out at Target, the Dollar Store.... wherever I can find fun ones. The fun ruler ribbon came from a store on ebay. (I have been spending way too much time shopping and not creating!). I have also been working on some Christmas cards this weekend. I will post those later. Enjoy what's left of the weekend! TFL!

1 comment:

~D~ said...

cute cute cute... good to see you on here, i've missed your cute items