Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy First Day of School!

Well, today was my first day of school and this is the second year I am teaching first grade and I love it!! I have taught Kindergarten, Young Fives (or Developmental Kindergarten) and Preschool for the past 22 years and I was really ready for this change. I know they are only a little older, but it makes such a huge difference in what they are able to do (and what we can do together in a full day). So in honor of my wonderful new first graders, here is my favorite school set (the monkeys!). I found these on our little travel to the Stamp convention in Novi, Michigan at a scrapbook store called Archivers. I wish we had one here, it may be worth the drive to go back - it was fabulous! (Have you ever seen a picture of it in some of the Paper Trends or Cards magazines ads? It looks just like that, I now look at those ads longingly, wanting to go back!) Oh well, I spent enough money there already! Time for me to go back to work and make money, not spend! Happy September! TFL!

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