Sunday, September 7, 2008

Vintage Halloween

I just love the vintage look, but I rarely do this with my cards, so this is sort of a new look for me. Anyone that knows me, knows I love Halloween. We have had black cats for years (and our first one was named Halloween!) I found these ATC cards at a booth/store called Stamp On It at the Novi convention in August. They had a demonstration at their booth and we were able to try out some stuff and create. The paper behind the ATC cards is called Black Magic. It is textured cardstock, black on the outside, but colored on the inside. So if you sand it or tear it, the color shows through. I think I just used black and ivory for these cards. The other technique at this booth was using the stickles glitter glue to highlight different aspects of the card. I know it is kind of simple, but I guess I just didn't realize what things to add glitter to, so here are a few samples.

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~D~ said...

ok i am retarded but need to ask cause it has bugged me for some time.. what does atc mean???? love the sparkles, I <3 stickles