Saturday, June 26, 2010

Card Creating in Ludington

I spent the day in Ludington with my friend Connie and her daughter Kerri, creating cards today (and her neighbor Barb stopped by to chat!). We got off to a slow start (partly because it was so nice out, we went shopping for a little bit and partly because we haven't "created" in a while!) But once we got going (and by 11:00 PM) we had these made. As you can see, there is no rhyme or reason to our card themes, it was more like whatever hit us to work on. Connie wanted some wedding or anniversary, so that is what inspired the bird card (that we had to take apart several times as new ideas hit us!) I think my favorites are the cupcake cards and of course the teacher in me - the apple card. Not only did I get some new ideas, I had a great time with good friends! Thanks for having me over, Connie! Let's do this again soon!

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