Friday, June 18, 2010

StoryTellers Club

This is the package from the StoryTeller Club kit for this month that I mentioned in my last post. I found out about this company last year at the Mega Meet Scrapbook Convention in Novi. At their booth, if you signed up for the monthly kits, you could pick 6 single kits (a two page layout of paper and embellishments) for free. There is no purchase necessary and you can preview the kits before they send them (even though I never do, I like to be surprised!). And you can cancel anytime. Last year, I cancelled after about 5 kits (going back to school time for me and I didn't think I would have time to scrapbook). I went back to the Mega Meet convention and signed up again (and yes, received 6 more packs for free!!!). As you saw in my last post, I don't only use them for scrapbooking, but card making as well. I have decided this is my new form of scrapbooking - all in a kit and ready. I spend too much money shopping all the cute stuff and then stashing it somewhere never to be found when I am actually scrapbooking! My friend Teresa understands this! Sometimes we just think of ourselves as collectors, not scrapbookers! Look at all the stuff that comes in the monthly kit! If you want to learn more, check out their site StoryTellers Club. They are offering a great special (and it includes the paper from my previous post!)

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