Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ludington Fireworks

Well, the fireworks in Ludington were rained out on the 4th and they were rescheduled for last night, so we headed up to the trailer for the night. (Having teenagers, one night is all they wanted to squeeze into their friend-schedule!) It was a beautiful night on Lake Michigan. Actually it was a little chilly, but we had blankets to keep warm (and Max!) Yes, we had to sneak Max on the beach! (Well, actually, we weren't on the beach, it was very close to the road, we were on the dunes, so maybe that wasn't quite as bad). He was a good dog and hardly barked! Plus I figured if anyone was going to get a ticket, it would be the people that had a campfire on the beach!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Pam, that is a gorgeous sunset! Looks like you're having a relaxing (as much as you can w/ two teen girls)summer! Hope to see you soon... we're taking off today for our third week in a row!! Good thing the "turtles" don't travel far, eh?